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Welcome to Contracts Done, we are here to make your contracting life easier and quicker.

Whether you are a Limited company, Sole trader, individual or other Legal entity our contract templates are for you. We offer a range of contract types covering a variety of needs. We provide unique contracts which have been made specifically for use by Contracts Done clients created by our highly experienced, professional qualified Legal partners.

We provided the added benefit of being a completely paperless solution to your contracting needs. Incorporating short forms to complete contract specific information online (either on your phone or computer) and utilising electronic signature to bind the parties.

So, if you need your Contracts Done view our templates here or read on for further detail.

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How it works

We protect your sensitive files across all popular cloud services and devices, by encrypting them, controlling access to them and providing an audit trail for all changes to your files.

Select the document

Complete the details online

Review and amend the supplied details if needed

Send for electronic signature

Both parties receive an email link which allows them to sign the document

Both parties receive a copy of the document electronically

This can be completed using desktop, tablet or any smart mobile phone