Frequently Asked Questions

We seek to help our clients by providing template documents, which can easily be sourced, completed online and signed electronically by both parties. A copy of the executed document is then provided to both parties.

If you seek to use a Legally approved template which you can tailor for your need, in a quick and easy way Contracts Done could well the service you are looking for.

We currently provide documents which service the majority of the needs people have. This includes Tenancy Agreements for one or multiple tenants, Employment Agreements, Unsecured Loan Agreement, Non-Disclosure Agreement either one way or mutual, Consultancy Agreement and Supply of Services Agreement. The documents we provide will grow over time, we have an identified pipeline of documents. If you would like to see us produce a specific document why not email us.

An electronic signature or eSignature is a technology that allows a person to electronically affix a signature to an online document.

An electronic signature, or eSignature, is information in an electronic form, which is "associated with other data in electronic form and which is used by the signatory to sign" (eIDAS).

In simple terms, an electronic signature is the digital version of a paper-based method of signing signatures, on an electronic document. But beyond being just an image on a screen, they legally bind electronic documents, in just the same way as paper ones do.

Our platform complies with regulations set out by the eIDAS to ensure your documents are legally binding in any court. Here are some ways we have your back, legally.

When everyone's signed the document, you'll get a full copy of all signatures with a certificate showing you:

Each signing party

Dates, IP addresses, and fingerprints

A full audit log

The document is stored securely in your account for easy access, by just you, anytime. To ensure all your documents are secure & legally binding we provide:

eIDAS compliance & exceedance of UK eSign regulation

Detailed audit log stored for each signature action

Identification of users verified before permitted to send documents

Document integrity checked, always

Unique salted fingerprints for each document

Secure storage of documents and data

Signatory identity verified via email address, timestamps and geo-tracking

SSL 256-bit AES/RSA encryption

Only you and people you've authorised can access documents

Our eSignatures are 100% safe and secure, with SSLencryption on every page you visit on our website. So no one can snoop on your password or the documents you send & sign using our services.

Every action from the point of uploading is logged in a full audit trail that's attached to the corresponding envelope in your account. You'll be able to see right down to the minute when the signee has opened the document.

We offer you the choice of password protecting anything you send with us, and it's never, ever stored as plain text.

What's more, everything is stored securely in the cloud, so they're accessible only by you and users you've given permission.

An agreement between and Landlord and Renter which provides the specific terms of a property rental agreement, this includes information such as property details, tenancy term length, start and end date, rent etc.

Our Tenancy Agreement can be signed by one or more Tenants. Any Tenant that signs the agreement will be responsible for meeting the requirements of the agreement.

An agreement between Employer and Employee which sets out the specifics of the relationship, this includes information such as job title, salary, working hours, responsibilities, any possible probation period, notice details etc.

This can be used by many different types of companies, maybe you have a beauty salon, a building company, a restaurant etc. and you want to employ a new member of staff this is the document for you.


The information you apply at notice covers both the notice period in the probation period if you have one and also the notice period outside of any probation period. So, if you want to have a 2 week notice within the probation period and one week after you would write something like “2 week notice during probation period, 1 week notice after probation period”

An agreement between two parties, where one party lends the other party money for a specified purpose. The party borrowing the money agrees to pay back the initial loan as well as any possible interest payments as agreed in the agreement. The loan is not secured against any collateral. By using the agreement clarity of the transaction is provided and can be referenced in the future.

Interest Amount

Under Interest Amount you should detail the interest amount to be paid on the loan. This can be a figure such as £100 or $500, or can be a percentage, such as 5% of total loan amount, or 5% of total loan per annum etc.

Loan Repayment

This is when you agree the Loan will be repaid. You can provide just a date if you would like payment made in one transaction or more detail as shown in the form.

Interest Repayment

This is when you agree the Interest will be repaid. You can provide just a date if you would like payment made in one transaction or more detail as shown in the form.

Also known as a Confidentiality Agreement is a agreement by two parties which describes confidential information which the parties wish to share, but restrict access to other parties. This may be "One Way" or "Mutual".

A "One Way" Non-Disclosure Agreement would be where only one party discloses confidential information, which should not be shared with other third parties unless otherwise agreed.

A "Mutual" Non-Disclosure Agreement also known as a or Two-Way Non-Disclosure Agreement would be where both parties share confidential information with each other which should not be shared with third parties unless otherwise agreed.


Permitted purpose must be reasonably detailed so that someone not involved should sufficiently understand the permitted purpose. Permitted purpose may include why the disclosure needs to take place and what the parties will do with the information. Permitted Purpose could be short and simple, be clear enough to understand the goal, identify the Confidential Information specifically and clearly stating why the Business needs to deal with the counterparty. The detail may be broad enough to work for what the Business is trying to achieve currently and potentially in the future on the same topic, but should not be so broad as to allow the counterparty to request information out of scope If the disclosure is for a limited time, you may want to detail this in Permitted Purpose

Maybe you are a small Business owner and you are seeking to have an individual do some work for you and you do not want to bring them onboard as an employee, then this document is probably for you.

A Consultancy Agreement is a agreement between a Business and an individual for the provision of consultancy services, this would include information such as commencement date, duration, role & responsibility, fees etc. A Consultancy Agreement can be used for an individual instead of an Employment Agreement.

Maybe you are a small Business owner and you are seeking another Business to do some work for you, then this document is probably for you.

A Supply of Services Agreement is also known as a Services Contract, provides the term of a particular service between two Businesses. This would include information such as commencement date, description of service, fees etc. This therefore provides the benefit of clearly stating what is expected from the supplier and what is expected from the recipient in terms of payment etc.