Legal work can be very expensive and not only that it can also take up a lot of time. These are two things we are all short of, we can help you reduce these drains on your finances and your time with our contracting solution, Contracts Done.

Contracts Done provides a platform to source quality Legal templates, complete all details online and have the counterparty sign online – this could be done in less than ten minutes – we know, we have timed it!

For many businesses or individuals, it may not be economically viable or commercially necessary to engage a law firm. Law firm support is great when you need to provide full end to end legal support which comes with the full-blown intricacies' or managing and directing your Legal support to provide a bespoke service to you specific to your needs, at what can sometimes be considerable cost.

There may be instances where your legal needs cover what may be viewed as low value low risk items. In this case would you need to go to a lawyer, or can you use the contracts for your needs?

How it works

We protect your sensitive files across all popular cloud services and devices, by encrypting them, controlling access to them and providing an audit trail for all changes to your files.

Select the document

Complete the details online

Review and amend the supplied details if needed

Send for electronic signature

Both parties receive an email link which allows them to sign the document

Both parties receive a copy of the document electronically

This can be completed using desktop, tablet or any smart mobile phone

Want to see how it works in action, then check out this video where we demonstrate each step of the process when competing a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). This short video will show you the full process from contract selection, detail submission, signing and receiving back a copy