How our templates works


Our templates have been drafted by a qualified British lawyer to work across a spectrum of needs. 


1.   Select the correct document for your need

2.  Complete your transaction specific detail using our short and easy to use online form

3.  Electronically sign  


No need to visit a lawyer , you can source documents and complete quality templates online using our simple form interface and electronically sign. 


Template prices start at £14.99 which includes the cost of the electronic signature.  Access our templates here


Scroll down for a video demo.


How it works

We protect your sensitive files across all popular cloud services and devices, by encrypting them, controlling access to them and providing an audit trail for all changes to your files.

Select the document

Complete the details online

Review and amend the supplied details if needed

Send for electronic signature

All parties receive an email link which allows them to sign the document

All parties receive a copy of the document electronically

This can be completed using desktop, tablet or any smart mobile phone

Want to see how it works in action, then check out this video where we demonstrate each step of the process when competing a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). This short video will show you the full process from contract selection, detail submission, signing and receiving back a copy